Tuesday 4/15/14

Welcome to another great Playboy Morning Show here in sunny Southern California.

We started the show off today by checking in with our Mams on the Street correspondent, Lauren Elise, who represented the Morning Show on the red carpet for the MTV Movie Awards. She talked to celebrities, but more importantly talked to the world-famous Grumpy Cat! Not even our hot model could put a smile on that face.

Next, we moved on to Good Naked/Bad Naked, where we heard stories about a fledgling “exotic” cleaning service to a topless woman getting wrestled down by a cop at the mall. Guess which one we recreated.

After that, we talked on the phone with Dr. Levine, a penis doctor from Rush University Medical Center, who answered all of our hot models’ questions about the ever-mysterious man meat. It was actually quite informative, and we learned a lot about all the stuff we were too afraid to ask. Thank you, brave models. Thank you.


We took a short break and then came back to look at some Food Porn GONE WRONG from the TLC show “Sex Sent Me to the ER.” Remember: always cool down your food before pouring it all over your partner.

Finally, we played a new game on the Morning Show, called “Tits, Tax, Toe.” It’s a twist on an old school-time favorite, but our version involves asking questions about common tax terms and then losing clothing, no matter if the answer is right or wrong. No ties in this game, and no coverage either.


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