Thursday 4/17/14

It’s Holy Thursday and we had an extra reverent show today to celebrate…

We started things off by talking with our weekly bud Mr. Skin, who brought some brand-new celebrity nudity to our attention. Feel free to feast your eyes yourself at (or, if you’re into that).

Next, we had our Playboy Morning Show Confessional. Easter is this weekend, and we felt the need to cleanse some souls with our Holy Water, earning our hot, and recently purified, models their Easter basket for our fun game at the end of the show…

Following that, we talked to Cyber Girl of the Year, Elizabeth Marxs. We talked with her what it was like to shoot nude on top of the Empire State Building, and then ran through a Sexy Skype-enger Hunt. She proved to us why she’s Cyber Girl of the Year, as she breezed right through it.

We took a short break and then welcomed in Marlon Wayans, star of the new movie “Haunted House 2,” which is out in theaters very soon. Marlon talked to us about how he gives his Twitter handle out so that people can tell him what they thought of his movie personally. We thought we’d do one better and have a very brief Constructive Criticism right here in the Mini Mansion. He took it like a professional.

Finally, our girls picked out their eggs from the basket as the show wound down. Have a Happy Easter and/or  a Happy 4/20. This year, you don’t have to choose!

gals marlon



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