Tuesday 4/22/14

Howdy out there in internet-land! It’s time to run through another fabulous Playboy Morning Show.

The show began today by checking out Viagra’s new ice cream. That’s right: it’s ice cream that gives you a boner. If you really, really like ice cream, it probably already did that, but we decided to give Viagra some ideas for their new flavors with our Top-less Ten List. We suggested such novel tastes as “Cocky Road,” “Cherry Popping Jubilee,” and “Banana With Veins.” You’re welcome.

Next, we welcomed in Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo from the restaurant “Animal” to help us judge our internal Food Porn competition. We saw five movies made by people who work right here in the Mini Mansion’s dark halls and had a panel of the professional chefs and professional models decide which was the sexiest. In the end a video featuring two lemons going to town on each other won the top prize.

After that, we welcomed in our brand new model Iana to participate in our Hot Model Adoption. We learned a bit about her, her interests, and her turn-ons and if you know anyone who is looking for a hot model to take home with them, please let us know.


Finally, it is Earth Day, and we wanted to help you out with some energy-saving tips. Our advice really centered on hot girls’ concerns, but we’re sure you can relate, too, right?

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