Wednesday 4/23/14

It’s Hump Day! Yey-yeah!

The show started out a little differently today… it’s a Steel Panther Takeover here on the Playboy Morning Show! That’s right, everybody’s favorite over-the-top ’80’s rock band joined us in studio for the entirety of the show, and were gracious enough to play a few songs for us throughout. We know it must be quite early for them.

They started us off with a song called “Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World,” from their new album “All You Can Eat,” which is out right now! Be sure to pick it up off iTunes when you get the chance. We chatted it up with them for a bit and then checked out a video from a news broadcast that featured two rabbits doing what rabbits do best: making new rabbits. We had some sexier bunnies walking around the studio, so we asked them to recreate it for us right here in the studio. Easter came late this year, apparently.


After that, we played a very fun game with the Panthers called “Steel or No Steel,” where our models hear a song title and guess whether it’s a real Steel Panther track or one we just made up. It’s harder than you think, when a band has songs like “Handicapped Slut,” “Just Like Tiger Woods,” and “Supersonic Sex Machine.”

We took a break as we heard clips from the band’s songs off their new album and even saw a small bit from their music video for “Gloryhole.” These guys can sure play, and they sure love to get laid.

Finally, we had our ladies come in and make their own “Mini-est Mini Skirts” out of various materials we found lying around the back alley of the Mini Mansion. Bubble wrap, a table cloth, and even plain ol’ saran wrap were utilized in creative and revealing ways to make the sexiest, skimpiest bottoms possible. To close out the show, our ladies danced once again as the band played out “The Burden of Being Wonderful.” Rocking is hard work, you know.


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