Monday 4/28/14

Happy Monday, ya’ll. Let’s get to the show…

We started things off today by checking out a study that said Kenyan fisherman’s wives were more likely to cheat DOWN in size. That’s right, according to the study, women were sleeping around with guys who had smaller dicks than their husbands. Not what we expected, but science has spoken.

Next, we looked at a suit company that’s trying to sell their clothes by posting pictures of naked women on their site. We’re just surprised nobody’s thought of this sooner.

After that, we welcomed in comedian Nick Thune, star of the new movie “Bad Johnson,” in which Nick plays a dick. An actual dick. He also has a comedy special called “Folk Hero,” which is on Netflix right now and you should definitely check out. Since Nick showed off his acting chops by playing a part of the male anatomy, we played a little game called “Name That (Alleged) Body Part,” where we hear stories about crimes and guess the body part involved. Nick proved why he got the part, absolutely dominating the competition. If the comedy thing doesn’t work out, it’s nice to know he has something to fall back on.


After a quick break, we came back to play a quick round of “Dick-tionary” with Nick, where our girls painted different kinds of dicks on each other… just like high school! After everyone had a nice coat of paint, we ran to the showers for yet another “April Shower,” today with the steam shower. It’s a nice way to end the show, and we’ll be sad to see it go at the end of the month.

paint after

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