Tuesday 4/29/14

It’s Tuesday here in the Mini Mansion, and in the rest of the world, too. Let’s take a look at the show…

We began things today by teasing a mystery celebrity who we believe may have walked away with our beautiful blow-up friend, Fatty Patty. We’ll hopefully be able to tell you more as more clues begin to surface…

After our brief speculation, we welcomed in Grammy-award-winning singer/songwriter M’ya, whose new EP “Sweet XVI” is out now. She’s celebrating sixteen years of fame and success as not only a talented singer, but also dancer and actress, and we were super stoked to have her in the studio with us. We couldn’t let the opportunity slip by us, so we had M’ya show our girls some booty-poppin’ dance moves before she made her way out. Her hips definitely don’t lie.

booty mya

We took a short break and then welcomed in Miss January 2004, and centerfold for the 50th anniversary Playboy, Colleen Shannon. She’s recently been released from prison, where she was sent for trying to sneak her boyfriend across the Canadian border, and she gave us a whole laundry list of fantasies to think about, based on her hot jail-time activities. We wanted to see how much slang she picked up in the slammer (that means prison), so we played a game called “Jail Jargon,” where our cop/prisoner models came in and gave us a prison colloquialism and we guessed what it meant. Turns out, not everything is butt-related.

Finally, we finished off the show by taking a dip in our prison-themed April Showers. This is the only time we’ve supported dropping the soap.

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