Wednesday 4/30/14

Happy Hump-day AND last day of April. This year is already flying by, just like this morning’s show!

Craziness ensued as we attempted to track down our missing plus-sized inflatable love doll, otherwise known as Fatty Patty. She’s been lost for quite some time now and we’ve narrowed down our celebrity suspects. A crucial piece of evidence was discovered on Instagram by our crack staff… a photograph that seems to show a certain familiar air-filled face in the background, with none other than rapper Kid Ink posing in front. We’re not saying this is case closed, but somebody’s got some explaining to do…

After that, we began our show-long “Shower Hour,” to close out our fabulous April Showers segment. Our girls took part in all sorts of activities that you’d never see in a shower, because we’ve got to hold over until next April. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we talked via Skype with a guy named Rob Greenfield, who hasn’t showered for a full year, and has no intention of stopping. You’d think this guy would stink to high heaven, but he has been bathing via natural means: lakes, the ocean, waterfalls, etc. and he claims that he’s never felt cleaner. Talk about au naturale.

Next, our brand-new model friend Kristin helped us read some Fe-Mail sent to us by viewers like yourselves. Your pertinent questions got direct answers from Kevin and Andrea, and it also became clear that we need to update our spam filter.


We took a short break and then Skyped with Charles Ramsay, American hero who freed three women last year who were locked in an Ohio basement for close to a decade. It’s been a year since that story took the world by storm, and Charles has a book coming out about his experience called “Dead Giveaway.” You should definitely check it out.

To celebrate talking with Charles, we brought in our hot models to test his knowledge of female non-verbal cues in a game we’re calling “Giveaway or Dead Giveaway.” The ways of the woman are shrouded in mystery, but Charles did well enough for our models to have a rib-eating party right here in the Mini Mansion. We’d definitely want to eat ribs with this dude.

Finally, the women said goodbye to the shower as they washed the barbecue sauce off themselves. Until next April, shower.

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