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Thursday 5/22/14

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Happy Thursday, folks! It’s our last show before a long Memorial break, so let’s make it count…

We began the show today by looking at the first of many helpful Memorial Day Barbecue Tips, which helped you keep your reverent day off as sexy as possible. It makes for some hot girl on hot grill action.

Next, we chatted with Mr. Skin, who had some more celebrity Blu-Ray nudity to share with us this week, including that hot chick from “True Detective.” If you ever needed an excuse to grab a couple of physical copies of movies rather than just streaming them… Mr. Skin’s your guy.

After that, we welcomed in Patricia Cori, author of the book “The Emissary,” who came in to talk to us about Dolphin Sex to complete our May So Horny segment. We like to think of ourselves as all-inclusive here in the Mini Mansion, so why should we limit our sexiness to the land?

We took a short break, and then came back to look at yet another Playwalking segment, followed by our models making themselves some B.B.kinis, where they take leftover barbecue items and make bikinis out of them. We’re doing America a solid, and hope you can find it in your patriotic hearts to do the same.


Wednesday 5/21/14

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We’ve got another Wheel Wednesday in the house, today with a twist! Er, spin…

Things got going this morning when we checked out a website called “” that lets you see who’s died in your home. We made our very own parody video for a website called “,” where you can see who’s done the nasty in your bedroom before you have. It’s especially useful in knowing which surfaces not to eat off of.

Next, we continued May So Horny, where we put the myth that sneezing can feel as good as an orgasm to the test. Our models took turns getting cozy in our bed while the others used feathers, flowers, and pepper to induce a sneeze. It actually seemed to be pretty effective, but the verdict is still out until our experiments get published.

After that, we took a stroll along another Playwalking segment, this time with Shanice Jordyn taking part with our Mams on the Street correspondent Lauren Elise. How much does a shot of well vodka actually cost? Depends on how many velvet ropes the club has, probably.

Following that, we welcomed in Jay Davis, comedian and producer who puts on the “SuperNaked with Jay Davis” show every Friday night at the Jon Lovitz theater here in LA. The man knows funny, but does he know perv-y? We put him on the spot and played a round of one of our favorite games: Name That Alleged Perv.


We took a quick break and then finished off the show with Teats vs. Tweets, where our girls pit themselves against Jay in a Twitter battle for the ages. We spun the Wheel of Topics to see what each Tweets would center around, and send it into the net-o-spehere. 140 characters is more than enough, most of the time.


Tuesday 5/20/14

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Lucky for you, we had another great Morning Show today!

Things got started today with a story about a woman in Russia who walked around with pants that were so intricately painted on that nobody noticed that she was essentially naked. It’s the next logical step after yoga pants: paint pants, and we wanted in. So, Kevin painted a shirt on one of our models as she walked down the street. All it takes is a collar, a pocket, a few buttons and you too can have a patented Playboy Morning Show Oxford ready for your next job interview. Go get ’em.

After that, we ran through yet another May So Horny activity, this time focusing on fruit. That’s right, all your favorite aphrodisiac fruits are coming back into season, and with that comes fun sexy times. To celebrate, we had ourselves a little cherry-diving contest, where our models dove headfirst into a plate of whipped cream in order to find the cherry underneath. We’ve all been there, right?


Then it was time for some good old fashioned Playwalking. We caught up with a bunch of Playmates at the PMOY announcement last week, and today we looked at Britt Lynn’s answers to our car-related questions. The fact that Miss March knows her way around an engine only makes us love her more.

Next, it was time for Good Naked/Bad Naked, where we heard news stories about a woman escaping robbers while she was in the shower, and then we reenacted a story about a bottomless pope impersonator passing out condoms at a college. Personally, we think the cross pube-cut is a good look.

We took a short break and then welcomed in Adam Campbell and Craig Clemens from the Esquire show “Lucky Bastards,” and they gave us their tips and tricks for living life to the fullest while still successfully starting 8 million-dollar companies. We were definitely taking our fair share of notes.


To see how lucky they actually were, we played a quick round of Coochie Casino, where everyone bets on what one of our models will answer about her personal life. Turns out these bastards are just as lucky (or maybe they’re just good) as they say, and they won out of nowhere. Some people have it, some people don’t.


Monday 5/19/14

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Welcome to another week of wonder here in the Mini Mansion. Let’s get this thing started…

Today’s show got underway with a little video message from our Mams on the Street correspondent Lauren Elise. We sent Lauren out to the Playboy Mansion to cover this year’s Playmate of the Year announcement. We’d just like to send our congratulations to Kennedy Summers, Miss December 2013 and brand new Playmate of the Year 2014! She made it, despite the muddy smear campaign claiming she had seasonal confusion that was run on our show while the votes were getting tallied. Well done, Miss Summers.

After that, we continued in our May So Horny goodness, today with a Master Debate. May is masturbation month (so now you have an excuse), so we welcomed in Leia and Krista to talk about which method of masturbation they preferred: glass toys or showerheads. The debate was a close one, with both debaters getting in some good points, but in the end Andrea went with her personal favorite: glass dildos.


Next, we watched the full uncensored version of our “Look Up” parody, that’s currently into the 6-digit mark on Youtube. If you haven’t seen it yet, definitely check it out. After we watched the full video, we brought in our sexy models to give us some Constructive Criticism for the video. Some were nicer than others, and some made more sense than others, but we appreciate the feedback.

Following the criticism, we welcomed in Ronny Turiaf, NBA player currently with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Ronny talked about what it was like going from France to college basketball stardom in America, and his technique for signing boobs.


We took a short break, and then it was time to compete in our “Pinkness” horse race. Our models saddled up and got to move forward if they successfully guessed if the name said was a horse or a porn. It’s actually super hard, you guys. Dynamic Impact, California Chrome, and General A-Rod… are all horse names. Definitely fooled us.


Thursday 5/15/14

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It’s Thursday, and we’ve got special guest host Mark McGrath in the studio!

We began the show by welcoming Mark, who’s most famous for being the lead singer of the band Sugar Ray, but also is a celebrated host and Celebrity Jeopardy contestant. In other words, the complete package.

Things got started today with a call from the ever-informative Mr. Skin, who brought to our attention some nudity in things like “Orange is the New Black” and the remake of  “Oldboy,” both of which are out on Blu-Ray. Gotta love that Blu-Ray, it’s really brought nakedness into the 21st century.

After that, we continued our slow crawl through May So Horny, today featuring the benefits of graduation: you now have a bunch more free time to sleep around and whatnot. Lord knows you’re not going to find a job to fill that time.

We then welcomed into the studio DJ Cotrona, from the show “From Dusk Til Dawn,” on the El Rey Network, which is owned by Robert Rodriguez, so you know it’s gonna be bloody good fun. We chatted with him about what it’s like to be a struggling actor, and how exactly you “steal” an audition.

While DJ was on the couch, we brought in Ali Rose to team up with him in a game of “What Happens Next.” We looked at the newest episode of PlayboyTV’s “Swing” and guessed what would happen after a short clip of the show. We still haven’t seen hide nor hair of Mustapha the Fuck Machine, and we’re getting worried that he’s never going to be on the show.


After a short break we came back to play a round of “Hefardy,” in honor of our very astute guest host and Celebrity Jeopardy extraordinaire Mark McGrath. Our girls showed off that they’ve got brains as well as looks, and did a great job answering questions, but it was too close to call…

So we broke into some Lesbian Chicken with the top 2 winners of Hefardy as the show wound down. It almost makes you wish the morning were just a little bit longer. Almost.

Wednesday 5/14/14

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It’s a wet ‘n wild Wheel Wednesday here in the Mini Mansion. Dive in with us, as we go to the deep end…

The show began today with Andrea recounting a harrowing hiking journey gone wrong. She got lost on top of a mountain and eventually had to be helicoptered (is that a word?) to safety. Kevin was more baffled by the fact that she attempted strenuous exercise at all.

Next, we kicked off an hour-long May So Horny by having our own Pool Party right here in the studio, complete with a pool full of balloons and naked ladies. Those pool noodles never looked better.

We continued our #CakingOut today, breaking the age-old rule of eating and swimming at the same time. If you ever get the chance to shove wedding cake in someone’s face in a giant pool, it means you must be doing something right.


Our Filthy Forecast was brought to you by way of a map of California drawn on our new model Chanel. We took this opportunity to get to know her a little bit better in our Hot Model Adoption. If you would like to adopt a hot model, contact your local casting agency.


We took a short break, and then spent the rest of the show running through a very special Wheel of Fantasy, today featuring all Pool Party-related sexy activities. The highlight was definitely when the dreaded “Swim With Kevin” was won by… Kevin. A fitting end for that Wheel Whammy, and it was oh so sweet to see Kev get his sea legs.

Tune in tomorrow for special guest host Mark McGrath!

Tuesday 5/13/14

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Tune in, turn on, it’s the Playboy Morning Show!

We started things off by getting a little trendy… Well, trying anyway. We kicked off our brand-new hashtag #CakingOut in honor of new NFL player Michael Sam’s cake kiss with his boyfriend. Caking Out is something normally reserved for newlyweds and babies, so we thought why not give hot girls a stab at it? Just remember: you can’t have your cake and watch girls eat it off each other, too.

Next up, we continued on our May So Horny train, this time by checking out the animal kingdom. They like to start to get nasty when May comes around, too, so in honor of the birds and the bees, we saw some hot cat lady on cat lady action. Not cat lady like you would see on “Hoarders” or anything, more like a hybrid cat/hot chick. Not chick like a bird, but… you know what? Nevermind.

Following that, we welcomed in Natasha Blasick, an actress and musician who claims to have had sex with a ghost on two separate occasions. Spooky or sexy? It’s a little hard to tell. But one thing’s for sure… when you’re as hot at Natasha is, you can really be surprised if you get hit on from beyond the grave.


After a short break, we welcomed in to the studio Shane Mauss, a funny stand-up comedian whose special “Mating Season” comes out in June. Shane got to flex his comedic muscles as he coached our model Jenna in a segment we call “Can A Bunny Make A Funny.” She obviously benefited from his training and took the stage in front of our famous fake brick wall.


Don’t forget to keep #Cakingout!