Thursday 5/1/14

We had an extra-special packed show today, so let’s not dick around. Well, maybe a little bit…

Things got off to a good start today when we brought to you the first of our many Naked Beer Fest Tips, or “Just the Tap.” It seems like a really specific situation to find yourself in, but that’s because we’re talking on the phone with…

Halsie, from the Sunny Rest Nudist Resort in Pennsylvania. They host an annual Naked Beer Fest in the summer, and we chatted with her about what it’s like when you get naked BEFORE you start drinking heavily. Sounds backwards, but it could be a nice ice-breaker, and you can focus on lowering your inhibitions in other regards.

After that, we welcomed in our good friend Brody Stevens, who wanted to hang out and help us play our next game, “What Happens Next?” where we look at one of PlayboyTV’s other shows and guess what goes on after we pause a certain scene. This week, we again looked at “Swing,” which airs on Saturday nights. We’ve gotten better at guessing, but even we get fooled from time to time. If you liked what you saw, be sure to check out “Swing” this weekend. Just don’t forget who your favorite show is, kay?

We took a short break and then welcomed back in Elizabeth Starr, big-busted porn star and the final judge in our Food Porn contest. We took a look at the five finalists and then it was time to tally up the votes…

And announce the winner! Our fabulous Food Porn competition was won by Dustin and Cassandra from Illinois!! Congrats to that married couple, they are the lucky winners of a trip to sunny Burbank, California and they’ll be here to watch the show with us on Monday, so be sure to check it out. Thanks to all who participated. You’re all winners.

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