Wednesday 5/7/14

Let’s get over this hump day together, ya’ll.

The show got going this morning with the news that there’s a topless book club going on in Central Park and other areas around New York. Not to be left out, we started our own Bottomless Book Club, which features hot women reading… without underwear on. You don’t want some tight panties cutting off the circulation to your brain while you’re trying to absorb the written word, do you?

After that, we continued on with May So Horny, this time stopping to smell the roses. All different flowers, actually, and the only thing better than having the time to do so yourself, is having the time to watch hot girls bend over and do it for you. It really helps if you’ve got pesky allergies or just like looking at asses. Or both.

Next, we had John Slattery, director of the new film “God’s Pocket” in the studio with us. John talked about what it’s like going from actor to writer/director, and how little Yonkers has changed since the ’70’s. You probably know John best from the show “Mad Men,” which features the beautiful Christina Hendricks. She also happens to be in this movie, too, so now you have no excuses not to go.


Since John plays a successful ad man so well, we figured we’d test his knowledge of some products in “As Seen vs. Ass Scene.” Our hot models came in and gave everyone a title and they had to guess whether it’s the name of a late-night infomercial product or a late-night porno. It’s actually super hard. Andrea emerged victorious, but John put up a good fight.

After a short break, we finished off the show with a little game called Fandemonium, where girls answer questions, and if they get them wrong, we turn up the heat… or, wait, no, the wind. We turn up the wind and blow their skirts up over their head. The wind does blow.

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