Thursday 5/8/14

It’s Thursday, so step right up and get ready to have your mind blown…

The Morning Show got underway this morning by chatting with our friend Mr. Skin who had an abundance of old school ’80’s nudity to talk about today. We’re not complaining, we just forgot how much grooming styles change over the years.

Next, we played a game with our gals where three callers each picked one of them to represent in a game of “What Happens Next.” If the callers can correctly guess what happens next in an episode of “Swing” (which airs on Saturdays on PlayboyTV), then their model loses some clothing. It’s interactive positive reinforcement. We probably would have paid better attention in school if they ran it like this.

To celebrate Clitoris Week this year, we chatted on the phone with Donna Newman from “Clitoraid,” an organization that helps women become empowered about their own sexuality. We can’t think of a better reason for celebration, so we say go out and thank a clitoris this week.

After a short break, we welcomed in the cast of AMC‘s “Freakshow,” which features the freaks from the Venice Beach Freakshow. In the studio today we had Todd and Danielle, the owners of the show, along with little married couple Ali and Matt, bearded lady Jessa, smallest man in America Gabriel, and shock artist Morgue. Everybody’s a little bit freaky in their own way, these guys just get paid to do it.

To round out the show, we held a segment called “Freakin’ Hot,” where our girls came in and debuted some ideas for the Freakshow if they ever wanted to do anything a little bit sexier. We showed off our 4-breasted woman and bearded vagina, but we don’t think you’ll be seeing either of them on the boardwalk anytime soon.

small freakshow



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