Wednesday 5/14/14

It’s a wet ‘n wild Wheel Wednesday here in the Mini Mansion. Dive in with us, as we go to the deep end…

The show began today with Andrea recounting a harrowing hiking journey gone wrong. She got lost on top of a mountain and eventually had to be helicoptered (is that a word?) to safety. Kevin was more baffled by the fact that she attempted strenuous exercise at all.

Next, we kicked off an hour-long May So Horny by having our own Pool Party right here in the studio, complete with a pool full of balloons and naked ladies. Those pool noodles never looked better.

We continued our #CakingOut today, breaking the age-old rule of eating and swimming at the same time. If you ever get the chance to shove wedding cake in someone’s face in a giant pool, it means you must be doing something right.


Our Filthy Forecast was brought to you by way of a map of California drawn on our new model Chanel. We took this opportunity to get to know her a little bit better in our Hot Model Adoption. If you would like to adopt a hot model, contact your local casting agency.


We took a short break, and then spent the rest of the show running through a very special Wheel of Fantasy, today featuring all Pool Party-related sexy activities. The highlight was definitely when the dreaded “Swim With Kevin” was won by… Kevin. A fitting end for that Wheel Whammy, and it was oh so sweet to see Kev get his sea legs.

Tune in tomorrow for special guest host Mark McGrath!

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