Monday 5/19/14

Welcome to another week of wonder here in the Mini Mansion. Let’s get this thing started…

Today’s show got underway with a little video message from our Mams on the Street correspondent Lauren Elise. We sent Lauren out to the Playboy Mansion to cover this year’s Playmate of the Year announcement. We’d just like to send our congratulations to Kennedy Summers, Miss December 2013 and brand new Playmate of the Year 2014! She made it, despite the muddy smear campaign claiming she had seasonal confusion that was run on our show while the votes were getting tallied. Well done, Miss Summers.

After that, we continued in our May So Horny goodness, today with a Master Debate. May is masturbation month (so now you have an excuse), so we welcomed in Leia and Krista to talk about which method of masturbation they preferred: glass toys or showerheads. The debate was a close one, with both debaters getting in some good points, but in the end Andrea went with her personal favorite: glass dildos.


Next, we watched the full uncensored version of our “Look Up” parody, that’s currently into the 6-digit mark on Youtube. If you haven’t seen it yet, definitely check it out. After we watched the full video, we brought in our sexy models to give us some Constructive Criticism for the video. Some were nicer than others, and some made more sense than others, but we appreciate the feedback.

Following the criticism, we welcomed in Ronny Turiaf, NBA player currently with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Ronny talked about what it was like going from France to college basketball stardom in America, and his technique for signing boobs.


We took a short break, and then it was time to compete in our “Pinkness” horse race. Our models saddled up and got to move forward if they successfully guessed if the name said was a horse or a porn. It’s actually super hard, you guys. Dynamic Impact, California Chrome, and General A-Rod… are all horse names. Definitely fooled us.


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