Tuesday 5/20/14

Lucky for you, we had another great Morning Show today!

Things got started today with a story about a woman in Russia who walked around with pants that were so intricately painted on that nobody noticed that she was essentially naked. It’s the next logical step after yoga pants: paint pants, and we wanted in. So, Kevin painted a shirt on one of our models as she walked down the street. All it takes is a collar, a pocket, a few buttons and you too can have a patented Playboy Morning Show Oxford ready for your next job interview. Go get ’em.

After that, we ran through yet another May So Horny activity, this time focusing on fruit. That’s right, all your favorite aphrodisiac fruits are coming back into season, and with that comes fun sexy times. To celebrate, we had ourselves a little cherry-diving contest, where our models dove headfirst into a plate of whipped cream in order to find the cherry underneath. We’ve all been there, right?


Then it was time for some good old fashioned Playwalking. We caught up with a bunch of Playmates at the PMOY announcement last week, and today we looked at Britt Lynn’s answers to our car-related questions. The fact that Miss March knows her way around an engine only makes us love her more.

Next, it was time for Good Naked/Bad Naked, where we heard news stories about a woman escaping robbers while she was in the shower, and then we reenacted a story about a bottomless pope impersonator passing out condoms at a college. Personally, we think the cross pube-cut is a good look.

We took a short break and then welcomed in Adam Campbell and Craig Clemens from the Esquire show “Lucky Bastards,” and they gave us their tips and tricks for living life to the fullest while still successfully starting 8 million-dollar companies. We were definitely taking our fair share of notes.


To see how lucky they actually were, we played a quick round of Coochie Casino, where everyone bets on what one of our models will answer about her personal life. Turns out these bastards are just as lucky (or maybe they’re just good) as they say, and they won out of nowhere. Some people have it, some people don’t.


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