Wednesday 5/21/14

We’ve got another Wheel Wednesday in the house, today with a twist! Er, spin…

Things got going this morning when we checked out a website called “” that lets you see who’s died in your home. We made our very own parody video for a website called “,” where you can see who’s done the nasty in your bedroom before you have. It’s especially useful in knowing which surfaces not to eat off of.

Next, we continued May So Horny, where we put the myth that sneezing can feel as good as an orgasm to the test. Our models took turns getting cozy in our bed while the others used feathers, flowers, and pepper to induce a sneeze. It actually seemed to be pretty effective, but the verdict is still out until our experiments get published.

After that, we took a stroll along another Playwalking segment, this time with Shanice Jordyn taking part with our Mams on the Street correspondent Lauren Elise. How much does a shot of well vodka actually cost? Depends on how many velvet ropes the club has, probably.

Following that, we welcomed in Jay Davis, comedian and producer who puts on the “SuperNaked with Jay Davis” show every Friday night at the Jon Lovitz theater here in LA. The man knows funny, but does he know perv-y? We put him on the spot and played a round of one of our favorite games: Name That Alleged Perv.


We took a quick break and then finished off the show with Teats vs. Tweets, where our girls pit themselves against Jay in a Twitter battle for the ages. We spun the Wheel of Topics to see what each Tweets would center around, and send it into the net-o-spehere. 140 characters is more than enough, most of the time.


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