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Thursday 5/22/14

Posted in Uncategorized on May 22, 2014 by Playboy Morning Show

Happy Thursday, folks! It’s our last show before a long Memorial break, so let’s make it count…

We began the show today by looking at the first of many helpful Memorial Day Barbecue Tips, which helped you keep your reverent day off as sexy as possible. It makes for some hot girl on hot grill action.

Next, we chatted with Mr. Skin, who had some more celebrity Blu-Ray nudity to share with us this week, including that hot chick from “True Detective.” If you ever needed an excuse to grab a couple of physical copies of movies rather than just streaming them… Mr. Skin’s your guy.

After that, we welcomed in Patricia Cori, author of the book “The Emissary,” who came in to talk to us about Dolphin Sex to complete our May So Horny segment. We like to think of ourselves as all-inclusive here in the Mini Mansion, so why should we limit our sexiness to the land?

We took a short break, and then came back to look at yet another Playwalking segment, followed by our models making themselves some B.B.kinis, where they take leftover barbecue items and make bikinis out of them. We’re doing America a solid, and hope you can find it in your patriotic hearts to do the same.