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Monday 5/12/14

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It’s the start of another week, and we’ve got nudity to help you get through it.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve made another awesome video parody over on Youtube, called “Look Up (From My Boobs).” Head over there and give it a watch, and help us rack up some of that sweet Google ad revenue.

May So Horny continued today, where we showcase ways that May is the horniest month of the year. Today, we saw that once the rain stops in April, it really sets you free from your umbrella, so that you and your hot friend can MAY-ke out.


Next, we ran through a couple Good Naked/Bad Naked stories to brighten up your Monday. If you’ve got the beginning-of-the-week blues, remember: at least you didn’t get high on embalming fluid and dance in the middle of a busy street. Well, probably.

After a short break, we welcomed Mark McGrath into the studio, who you probably know best from the band Sugar Ray. They’ve got a tour called Under the Sun that they’re headlining, AND Mark has a big role in the Sharknado sequel, which is coming out soon. You can’t help but be a little jealous.


Finally, since Mark is a storied game show host and celebrity contestant, we ran through a few of our games like “Know It or Show It,” “Skin to Win,”  and “Position Impossible.” The girls got a chance to play Mark and see who the best game show contestant really was. Turns out Mark is the real deal, and even flashed a little skin when the time called for it. That’s dedication.


Thursday 5/8/14

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It’s Thursday, so step right up and get ready to have your mind blown…

The Morning Show got underway this morning by chatting with our friend Mr. Skin who had an abundance of old school ’80’s nudity to talk about today. We’re not complaining, we just forgot how much grooming styles change over the years.

Next, we played a game with our gals where three callers each picked one of them to represent in a game of “What Happens Next.” If the callers can correctly guess what happens next in an episode of “Swing” (which airs on Saturdays on PlayboyTV), then their model loses some clothing. It’s interactive positive reinforcement. We probably would have paid better attention in school if they ran it like this.

To celebrate Clitoris Week this year, we chatted on the phone with Donna Newman from “Clitoraid,” an organization that helps women become empowered about their own sexuality. We can’t think of a better reason for celebration, so we say go out and thank a clitoris this week.

After a short break, we welcomed in the cast of AMC‘s “Freakshow,” which features the freaks from the Venice Beach Freakshow. In the studio today we had Todd and Danielle, the owners of the show, along with little married couple Ali and Matt, bearded lady Jessa, smallest man in America Gabriel, and shock artist Morgue. Everybody’s a little bit freaky in their own way, these guys just get paid to do it.

To round out the show, we held a segment called “Freakin’ Hot,” where our girls came in and debuted some ideas for the Freakshow if they ever wanted to do anything a little bit sexier. We showed off our 4-breasted woman and bearded vagina, but we don’t think you’ll be seeing either of them on the boardwalk anytime soon.

small freakshow



Wednesday 5/7/14

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Let’s get over this hump day together, ya’ll.

The show got going this morning with the news that there’s a topless book club going on in Central Park and other areas around New York. Not to be left out, we started our own Bottomless Book Club, which features hot women reading… without underwear on. You don’t want some tight panties cutting off the circulation to your brain while you’re trying to absorb the written word, do you?

After that, we continued on with May So Horny, this time stopping to smell the roses. All different flowers, actually, and the only thing better than having the time to do so yourself, is having the time to watch hot girls bend over and do it for you. It really helps if you’ve got pesky allergies or just like looking at asses. Or both.

Next, we had John Slattery, director of the new film “God’s Pocket” in the studio with us. John talked about what it’s like going from actor to writer/director, and how little Yonkers has changed since the ’70’s. You probably know John best from the show “Mad Men,” which features the beautiful Christina Hendricks. She also happens to be in this movie, too, so now you have no excuses not to go.


Since John plays a successful ad man so well, we figured we’d test his knowledge of some products in “As Seen vs. Ass Scene.” Our hot models came in and gave everyone a title and they had to guess whether it’s the name of a late-night infomercial product or a late-night porno. It’s actually super hard. Andrea emerged victorious, but John put up a good fight.

After a short break, we finished off the show with a little game called Fandemonium, where girls answer questions, and if they get them wrong, we turn up the heat… or, wait, no, the wind. We turn up the wind and blow their skirts up over their head. The wind does blow.

Tuesday 5/6/14

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Happy Tuesday, world wide web! Permit us to take you through the show…

Things got underway this morning with a little re-cap of our special guest Food Porn Contest Winners’ send-off, which featured an exit interview, and more importantly some hugs from Playmate of the Year Raquel Pomplun and Andrea. They had a blast, which just goes to show you that a little meat can go a long way.

After that, we started the first of our many “Howe-To With the Howe Twins” segments, where our favorite British twins come in and explain to us how to do simple tasks. Things aren’t as easy as they sound and are harder than they look, so good thing these ladies are looking out for us.


After that, we welcomed in Dennis and Ashley from the TLC show “Sex Sent Me to the ER.” We’ve seen stories from this show in the past and we’re officially fascinated with these sex-related injuries. Dennis and Ashley are an adventurous couple whose grocery store remote-controlled vibrator experiment proved dodgy. Their advice? Just go for it.


We took a short break and then it was time to “Meet the Model”! Our brand new model Kate came in and we learned a little bit about her, especially what it was like to grow up as a smokin’ hot chick in the middle of Utah. We’re surprised she isn’t one of some guys’ wives by now.

Finally, in a continuing segment we’re calling “May So Horny,” we’re learning why May is the horniest month of the year. Today’s evidence came from our models, who explained that with the changing weather, they wear less clothing, and that’s a slippery slope to their slippery slopes. We’re not sure if that’s a real euphemism, but we’re sticking with it.

Monday 5/5/14

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Feliz Cinco de Mayo, todos! It’s a tequila-tastic Playboy Morning Show and we really blended a lot of stuff in today, so let’s get to it.

We began by kicking off our Cinco de Cinco celebration, where we have five (yes, FIVE) completely different segments all based on everyone’s favorite Mexican holiday.

Firstly, we had an extra-special Topless 5 list, featuring the best Cinco de Mayo pick-up lines. If any of these things actually work, it’ll be because of margaritas and nothing else.

Next, we welcomed in our Food Porn Contest winners, Dustin and Kassandra! Their video was fantastic, and we got to ask them about their inspiration and where they think they can take things next. We think they’ve found their true calling.


While they were in the studio, we continued our Cinco de Cinco celebration with a game called “Thigh Five,” where girls try to make the best hand-print on their own thighs. Michelle tattooed herself and won a congratulatory margarita. The next round was “Mexican Jumping Bean,” a Cinco-themed Trampoline Trivia. Carly took home the margarita for that one after a fantastic showing.

We took a short break and then welcomed in Raquel Pomplun, 2013’s Playmate Of The Year. We talked to her about her past year as the reigning PMOY, and what it’s going to be like to pass on her title next week. It’s bittersweet, but heavy is the head that wears the crown, and the responsibilities must be passed on.


For those of you who don’t know, Raquel is the first Mexican PMOY, and we wanted to give her one last chance to do a Playmate Pick Six, but today we’re calling it the “Pick Cinco.” Danielle came out in a giant sombrero with numbers written on chips and Raquel knocked them all out of the park. That’s how you close out a great year.

Finally, we ran through our last two games for Cinco de Cinco: the Wheel of 5 senses, quickly followed by Panty Pinata. Viva la Morning Show.

pinata raquelwinners winnersafter winnersgirlsafter afterall

Thursday 5/1/14

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We had an extra-special packed show today, so let’s not dick around. Well, maybe a little bit…

Things got off to a good start today when we brought to you the first of our many Naked Beer Fest Tips, or “Just the Tap.” It seems like a really specific situation to find yourself in, but that’s because we’re talking on the phone with…

Halsie, from the Sunny Rest Nudist Resort in Pennsylvania. They host an annual Naked Beer Fest in the summer, and we chatted with her about what it’s like when you get naked BEFORE you start drinking heavily. Sounds backwards, but it could be a nice ice-breaker, and you can focus on lowering your inhibitions in other regards.

After that, we welcomed in our good friend Brody Stevens, who wanted to hang out and help us play our next game, “What Happens Next?” where we look at one of PlayboyTV’s other shows and guess what goes on after we pause a certain scene. This week, we again looked at “Swing,” which airs on Saturday nights. We’ve gotten better at guessing, but even we get fooled from time to time. If you liked what you saw, be sure to check out “Swing” this weekend. Just don’t forget who your favorite show is, kay?

We took a short break and then welcomed back in Elizabeth Starr, big-busted porn star and the final judge in our Food Porn contest. We took a look at the five finalists and then it was time to tally up the votes…

And announce the winner! Our fabulous Food Porn competition was won by Dustin and Cassandra from Illinois!! Congrats to that married couple, they are the lucky winners of a trip to sunny Burbank, California and they’ll be here to watch the show with us on Monday, so be sure to check it out. Thanks to all who participated. You’re all winners.