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Thursday 6/26/14

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It’s Thursday, and things are getting patriotic in here. Let’s get to the show…

We began things today by talking on the phone with Mr. Skin, who brought us yet another installment of celebrity boobs for our enjoyment. We’ll stop looking when they stop being interesting… but it hasn’t happened yet. Don’t hold your breath.

After that, we talked with Tiana, who is another one of Playboy TV’s “Naked Ambition” subjects. Check out her episode tomorrow at 9 right here on Playboy TV, and we celebrated her first appearance on our show by learning a few secrets about her…


After that, we ran through our last Horny History, today learning about the end of the Revolutionary War: the battle of Yorktown. It was the last battle in the War for Independence and we checked it out with our hot models reenacting the epic showdown and subsequent peace treaty-signing. It’s enough to bring a red white and blue tear to your eye.

We took a short break and then checked out a bikini that has boobs on it, so that you can look naked without breaking the law at the beach. It’s so genius, we’re pissed we didn’t think of it first.

Finally, we welcomed in Trey Songz, whose new album “Trigga” is out now. We sped through an interview with him, but stay tuned for a segment we shot after the show with him involving hot girls and charades… Get hyped.


We’re off next week, but have an awesome 4th of July, and maybe blow some stuff up. Within reason.

Wednesday 6/25/14

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Happy Hump Day, ya’ll! Do your part, hump smart.

We began our wonderful little show today with a couple goals right off the bat! World cup action was heated and the scoring certainly blew yesterday’s out of the water.

Next, we checked out a sign posted in a laundromat that claimed some panties found their way into a basket they didn’t belong in, and cost a man his girlfriend. Tragic, if true, but we decided to undergo a short experiment to see if girls could pick their own underwear out of a big pile. Our girls could, which makes this guy’s story a little less believable. Nice try, though.

After that, we talked with Lisa about another great moment in America’s history: it’s symbolic birthday! That’s right, today’s Horny History features the signing of the Declaration of Independence. And let us be the first to say, our ladies’ powdered wigs look pretty darn good. Let’s bring that look back.

We took a short break and then we ran through a Makin’ Bacon segment, where Andrea brought up a new Tinder-esque site for music festivals, and Kevin showed us a bacon bra. Put ’em both together and you have a recipe for a bear attack.

We then welcomed in Scott Wilson, star of “The Walking Dead,” who was (*spoiler alert*) killed off last season. We talked to Scott about his long, storied history in Hollywood and what it’s like pretending there’s zombies everywhere.


To make him feel more at home, we did a little Cat-walking Dead, where our girls modeled different post-apocalyptic-themed outfits. When the world crumbles, it’s comforting to know that hot girls will be running around in ripped-up clothes to see us through the hard times.

Tuesday 6/24/14

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It’s another fantastic morning here in the Mini Mansion, where the weather is always 69 degrees and perky.

We kicked things off today by talking about an American exchange student that managed to get himself caught in a sculpture of a vagina. I really can’t think of any way to make that funnier, so I’m just going to leave it as is.

Next, we continued our Horny History segment, today focusing on Paul Revere’s Ride. Carly came in to explain to us what exactly went down in 1775, and why it was important in American history. Cody and Sara acted out her re-tellings and things got inaccurate fast. Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it… poorly.


After that, Kevin and Andrea chatted via Skype with Chandler South, a brand-new Playboy Model whose first gig is “Naked Ambition,” which airs on Playboy TV on the Fourth of July. Be sure to check it out, this 5-footer is definitely worth your time. Who needs fireworks?

We then welcomed in Brooke Burns, host of the new TRUtv show “Motor City Masters,” which airs Tuesdays at 10. The show pits car-makers against each other in a much manlier “Project Runway.” Brooke talked about her time hosting “Dog Eat Dog,” and the Playmate episode they did, which was their highest-rated ever. No surprises there.

We wanted to get Brooke’s opinion on some Dream Cars that our very own Dream Girls dreamed up, so we sent them in with their car ideas for Brooke’s scrutinization. Let’s just say they were more dream than car.

We took a quick break and then jumped right into a lightning round of Know It or Show It, the world’s longest-running naked game show. This soccer-themed round went about as well as could be expected. You know what they say, those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.


Monday 6/23/14

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It’s Monday, but don’t worry, we’ve got just the thing to get you through it: The Playboy Morning Show!

We started the show today with a test of our “Goal” system. We know there’s some soccer games going on during our show, and we want to keep you up-to-date. Our promise to you is to let you know immediately whenever there’s a goal in those games by having girls run in screaming, wrapped in nothing but that country’s flag. We can think of no better honor.

Following that, we checked out a mugshot of a rather attractive man that has been circling around the internet, and we showed you some examples of ways to make your own mugshot sexier. There’s a couple ways you can do hard time.

Next, we brought the local news over our knee for a good ol’ fashioned “Abuse The News.” A bus driver got a beej from a woman on an empty bus, and a local news affiliate picked up the story, but we think that we can do it better. So, Kevin and Andrea gave their best one-liners as we threw to the segment. Maybe we should change our show up a little…

After that, we tried out a new segment called “Horny History,” where Carrie explained to us what went down at the Boston Tea Party, as our other girls acted it out. We’ll be looking at events leading up to Independence Day all this week, so buckle your hats and get ready.


We took a short break, and then played a game called “Guess the Girl,” where we learn an interesting fact about one of our models and then have to guess which one the fact belongs to. Today, we learned that one of our hot models is also a black belt who dabbles in nun-chuks. Bad ass. After much questioning, both Kevin and Andrea guessed wrong! It was revealed that Nasia is a trained fighter, and she showed off her skills for us as the show wound down. Look out for this one, she’ll take you out.

Thursday 6/19/14

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We’re headed into another Thursday Playboy Morning Show , and we’re deep into our groove.

We started the show off today with the first of a slew of “Howe-To’s With the Howe Twins.” That’s right, everybody’s favorite set of hot British twins is back and more helpful than ever, as they showed us how to make a baker’s dozen, how to tie a shoe, and how to set your clock for daylight saving’s time. They’re dropping knowledge and fighting over the microphone like only they can, and it’s impossible to look away.

goddamnhowetwins nakedhowe

After that, we talked with Mr. Skin, who’s celebrating 15 years of his awesome website. And we thought our 500+ episodes were impressive. He proved why he’s the standard in celebrity nudity, and kept us up to date with all the wonderful nakedness we can see on TV and in film. Here’s to another 15 years! Hopefully hologram technology exists by then.

We took a short break and then welcomed in “Stuttering” John Melendez, former Howard Stern regular and Tonight Show announcer. John and Kevin got to reminisce about the time they hosted a Playmate Pillow Fight (how come we weren’t invited??), and Andrea and John got to bond over alcohol. Really the best of both worlds.


To wrap things up, and in celebration of the first day of summer this weekend, we held our very own Sunscreen Fashion Show, where our models Chelsie, Carly, and the Howe girls showed off 4 different types of sunscreen that you can use to cover up your skin on the beach, while still essentially being naked. Remember: UV radiation is the bad, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be as naked as possible.

sunscreen after

Wednesday 6/18/14

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It’s Humpty-Hump Day here in the Mini Mansion, and we’ve got a lot to get through, so let’s not dilly-dally.

We began things today by checking out a list of Skype Sex Do’s and Don’ts. It’s the way of the future, whether you’re prepared for it or not, so you might as well get ready. Throughout the show, we checked in with some lovely ladies via our dial-up internet connection to get some tech knowledge. And watch them strip. Because that’s what video calling was made for.

After that, we checked our Fe-Mail from viewers like you. Sonia helped us read through your questions, concerns, and comments and we answered them to the best of our ability. We even got a nice World Cup body painting tutorial, free of charge.


Next, we welcomed in legendary comedian, actor, and musician Garrett Morris. Garrett gained fame as one of the original cast members on Saturday Night Live, and we were super stoked to have him in the Mini Mansion and talk about his new blues album. And it seemed like he was pumped to be on our show, too (though it may have had something to do with the naked women running around…).


We utilized Garrett’s awesome music to play a game called “Blues-ical Chairs,” where our models walked around a circle, but instead of taking away a chair every time, there were hidden challenges under each chair that involved taking off or switching clothing. Use our rules to spice up your next birthday party or jury duty.

Finally, it’s Wheel Wednesday! Our girls spun the wheel and landed on “Massage Train.” As the show wound down, the sexy rubbing train made its way out of the station and straight into our hearts. It’s the little engine that should.


Tuesday 6/17/14

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It was Colonel Mustard… in the Mini Mansion… with the Playboy Morning Show! Get a clue, here’s the show:

Things kicked off today with a chat about the dire straits facing our nude beaches. Not actual straits, but the metaphorical ones. Anyway, apparently people are following their annual movement to try and shut down the best kind of beach all over the globe, and we’re here to protest, dammit! We broke out a Topless 10 List that featured some battle cries for you to shout if you ever find yourself trying to keep our beaches nude. As per usual, some of them were more thought-provoking than others.

Next, we held our first 24 Secs. segment, in honor of the creators of “24: Live Another Day,” which airs Mondays on FOX. Before they came into the studio, we challenged our hot models with complex tasks that they had to complete before the 24 second timer ran out. Take it from “24”: if you really want to turn up the heat, just turn on a clock.

After that, we talked with another one of our beautiful “Naked Ambition” models, Arielle. You can check out that show right here on Playboy TV on Friday Nights, but you can check Arielle out right here right now.

We took a short break and then welcomed in Evan Katz and Manny Coto, co-creators of the new season of “24,” called “24: Live Another Day.” If you’re anything like Kevin, you’re super stoked to hear that this show lives for another season, and can’t get enough Jack.


Other people out there have their own criticisms to voice online, so we took the opportunity to read some of them to the creators in a segment we call “Constructive Criticism.” It really softens the blow to hear misspelled insults coming from a hot naked chick rather than a random internet nerd.