Monday 6/2/14

Happy 500th Episode to us!! Hard to believe we’ve had 500 hours of crazy sexiness. Here’s to the next 500…

We kicked things off today by looking backward in time with a very special “This Day in Morning Show History,” where we spun the random date generator into maximum overdrive and reenacted wherever it landed. The first stop on our tour of nostalgia was from 2012, when we had a dry T-Shirt contest. It looks even better in the present.

After that, we welcomed in R&B superstars Boyz II Men. The Boyz, or… uh, Men? came into the studio and talked about their Vegas residency coming up and how they’re expecting to add to their already sweeping legacy. They’ve actually made so many songs, we’re not sure if they remember them all. To help jog their memories before they step onstage in Vegas, we had our girls come in and act out the titles of their songs, to see if they really knew themselves as well as they should. They did pretty good, but sometimes a track is so obscure, even the songwriters forget about it.

boyz2men after

We took a short break and then looked back again with “This Day in Morning Show History,” this time with the generator landing on the first ever episode! That was two and half years ago now, but the Panty Field Goal is just as entertaining as ever.


Next, we welcomed Kennedy Summers into the studio. She’s the brand new Playmate of the Year, and last year’s Miss December. It’s her first time being in the Mini Mansion with us, and we wanted to finally put to rest all those nasty rumors circulating that she had seasonal confusion.


Finally, as we like to do here, we had three of our super hot modelsĀ mark this special occasion by jumping feet-first into a cake. We’ve always done things our way, and we thank you for being along for the ride. Don’t forget: stay sexy.

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