Tuesday 6/3/14

Happy Tuesday, folks. Just remember: this is the first Morning Show of the rest of your life.

We began things today by checking in with a montage that we didn’t get to yesterday in our 500th episode extravaganza. This one featured some of the wild, wacky, weird, and always sexy games that we’ve played throughout the years. There sure have been a lot, but still not as much as a single season of baseball. We’ll get there someday.

Next, we took a look at a craze that’s sweeping Twitter and cities across the nation: HiddenCash. People are looking for secret stashes of money, but we here in the Mini Mansion would much rather find some hidden honey. That’s why we’re starting HiddenAss all around our studio and green room. Keep an eye out for HiddenAss in your city, you never know what you might find. Or who might arrest you.

After that, we ran through a Topless Ten List that involved tips for taking topless photos in front of the world’s monuments. It’s not as easy as buying a plane ticket or jumping in your car, you have to be ready to put your best breast forward and make sure the flash is on, while you flash.

Then we welcomed Sam Tripoli, comedian and fellow Playboy Radio host, into the studio. He told us about his new comedy CD (which is available on iTunes), and a particularly harrowing story involving an airplane bathroom. You can fill in the blanks yourself.

sam sam2

We took a short break and came back with our 4th Annual Playboy Morning Show Spelling Bee, featuring four lovely ladies of increasing breast size. The first round involved showing the body part while spelling, and the last required an orgasm spell-out. In the end, Jacqueline was clearly the champion and brought home the tiny gold bee trophy for all of America. Don’t forget, you can’t spell “American” without “I Can.” Deep stuff.


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