Wednesday 6/4/14

We had another super sexy show here in the Mini Mansion, so let’s check it out…

Today got started when we checked in with our Rack-ter scale, to see how much the Earth (and by extension, some boobs) were shaking. We’d pay a lot more attention to earthquakes if they ditched that boring needle and brought in some nipples.

Next, we continued our hunt for Hidden Ass throughout our studio and parts beyond. We had a good feeling that some undercover booty was behind our couch, in our bathroom, and even running the control room. There’s a little hidden ass for everyone.

After that, we chatted with Ali Rose about her new episode of “Naked Ambition,” a show that airs this Friday on PlayboyTV. The show chronicles a day in the life of a super hot Playboy model, and really, what more do we need to say?

We also looked at a new sex product from a guy named Brian Sloan, lovingly called the Autoblow 2. Now, you too can simulate oral sex without the hassle of having another person in the room with you!

After a short break, we welcomed in Tali De’Mar and Lucky Hell, two glamorous and talented performers who do burlesque shows, exotic dancing, and (most importantly) SWORD SWALLOWING! We’re sure there are a few things in this world as interesting as watching a two-foot long sword disappear down someone’s mouth. We just can’t think of any right now.

Finally, we rolled out our Hidden Talent Show, where our sexy models Drew, Chelsie, Lauryn, and Ali showed off some talents they possess, and we were all better off for it. Everybody’s got a talent, some are just more useful than others.

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