Thursday 6/5/14

It’s Thursday here in the Mini Mansion, and also the rest of the world. Let’s get through it.

The show began today by checking out the ex-wife of one of our guests, Playmate Nikki Schieller. They’re not married anymore, but when a girl is that hot, we really don’t need much of an excuse.

Next, we talked to Mr. Skin on the phone, who brought to our attention some celebrity nudity that brought us to attention. Some more “Game of Thrones” booty and some DVD goodness from Jennifer Aniston makes for another great week in famous nudes.

After that, we chatted with Eugeniya Dirodychuk, a super fine Ukranian Playboy model, who is featured on “Naked Ambition,” which airs on Playboy TV on Fridays.

We took a short break and then talked via Skype with Brian Sloan, creator of the Autoblow 2, a new male masturbation machine that has raised a ton of money online. Apparently people believe in this thing, and you know what, now we do too. Hopefully they send us one…. or six…

Then we welcomed in Ian Ziering, star of the “Sharknado” movies, and special guest host of the Chippendales show in Vegas. He’s 50 and looking super fit, and wasn’t even phased by our pop-up shark prank.

Since Ian is such an experienced exotic dancer, we brought our models in to learn a few lessons in the finer points of ripping your shirt and what an “S” pose is. Who better to teach girls how to strip than a guy?


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