Monday 6/9/14

It’s a brand new week here in the Mini Mansion, so let’s kick it off!

The show got started today as we discussed a case on one of those court shows that featured a couple arguing over bad sex. Is that grounds enough for divorce? It depends on how bad the sex is…

Next, we debuted our Father’s Day card from Playmate of the Year Kennedy Summers. We had her mouth a name, so you can add one to personalize it and tell your dad you got her to do it specially for him. Way better than another necktie.

Following that, we ran through our first Father’s Day gift idea: underwear! No man should have to buy his own underwear, and our fashion show will help you make the right choice.

Then we welcomed in Ally Johnson, an improvisor and comedian who happens to have the same name as a sexy Playmate. She’s got a great show here on Playboy Radio called “the Real Ally Show,” which you should definitely check out.

While Ally was in, we checked out some old school Playmate videos and played a quick round of “What Happens Next?” The 90’s were a very different time, and it really shows when you watch some of these Playmate specials. They were simpler times, indeed.

We took a short break and then came back with the first of our Sexy Sport week events: the Bel-mount Stakes! Amber, Marielle, and Danielle saddled up their trusty steeds and raced down the track to try to win the sash of truth. In the end, the girls with the rhyming names tied and poor horse number three was kissed goodbye down Turned-to-Glue Lane.


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