Tuesday 6/10/14

Welcome back to the wonderful world of the Playboy Morning Show.

We started the craziness today by checking out a chart that claimed that 65% of women have been harassed while walking around in public. That’s crazy! To see if this is true, we talked to Rachel and Victoria, two very hot girls, who confirmed that they experience harassment all the time! Remember, gentlemen: be polite, it goes a long way.

After that, we welcomed in Joe Torry, comedian and host of Next Comedy All Star, where amateur comedians compete for $25,000. He talked about what it was like taking a bullet for Kid from Kid ‘n Play, and which celebrity is not as good at sports as you think they are.


Joe is a father, and we had him help us understand a little shaving demonstration our models put together. It’s a great idea to get your dad a nice shaving kit this Father’s Day, but what exactly comes in a standard shaving kit? Well, after watching our girls shave off the beards from some drawn-on faces, we only have more questions.


We took a short break and then welcomed in Miss May 2014, Dani Mathers. Dani has been a long-time model on our show, and we’re very happy that her Playmate dreams have come true. Everything came full circle when she got to pick her own post-it notes off of a sexy model for her Playmate Pick Six. She passed with flying colors, but she did have a lot of first-hand experience.

To wrap things up, we continued our Sexy Sports Week, with a Panty Slap-shot to celebrate the Stanley Cup Finals, and Dani’s love of the Los Angeles Kings. Hopefully the Kings play better than our girls did, because they did not even get close. We have a feeling they won’t quit their day jobs.

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