Wednesday 6/11/14

Wednesday. Hard to spell. Harder to get through. That’s why we’re here.

The festivities kicked off this morning when we checked out a news story that featured a woman baring all in front of a famous painting… of a woman baring all. Seems a little redundant, but we don’t really understand art. But! It did give us the idea to sexify some famous artwork using the hot models who always seem to be hanging around here. Everyone from the Mona Lisa to poor old Whistler’s Mother was given the sexification treatment, and art history was never the same.

After that, we ran through some “Sexting News,” which is a sure sign of the times. We just wish Kevin would turn down the booty poppin’ in his photos. Yeesh.

Next, we showed off another staple of gifts for Dads: neck-ties! Who knew that there were so many different styles of tie, and so many activities you can do when you ignore their intended use!


We took a short break and then welcomed in Asher Roth, a musician whose new album “Retrohash” is available on his website and iTunes. He kicked his record label to the curb and is trying his best to make it on his own, so stick it to the man and grab yourselves a copy.


Finally, we threw down another one of our Sexy Sports, today focusing on basketball. After some healthy #Lebroning, our ladies sagged their panties and showed off their skills. For four white girls, they had some serious game.

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