Thursday 6/12/14

It’s Thursday here in the Mini Mansion. Let’s get down to brass tacks.

We started the show today by talking with Mr. Skin, whose precious nude pictures of celebrities were blurred out! Oh, the humanity. Well, you’ll just have to check out to see that sweet skin for yourself.

We rounded out our Father’s Day Gift Guide with three examples of hobbies the dad in your life may have, known as the three F’s: fishing, frying, and fixing. Don’t forget, dads have to have fun too. That’s another F-word dads like.

After that, we welcomed in Gleb Savechko, former contestant on Dancing with the Stars, and professional dancer. Hailing from Russia, he’s very well-traveled and even helped us better learn how to conceal a boner on the dance floor. It’s a real problem.


We took a short break and then talked on the phone with Mathew Gerson, the creator of a new product for the horny stoner in your life: weed-infused lube! We’re big fans of this, and we will definitely be waiting by our mailbox for him to send us some.

Finally, we celebrated World Cup by having our ladies do some sexy challenges without using their hands, and giving their sexiest vuvuzela blow. It’s hard to make that terrible instrument sexy, but our girls always seem to find a way.

girls after

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