Monday 6/16/14

If you’ve got a case of the Mondays, we’ve got the cure: another fantastic Morning Show!

This week’s block of shows got a big start today, as we unveiled our Morning Show-vivor games we played throughout the show. We began by letting the contestants size each other up, before competing in a forage hunt for gummi worms around our studio. We tallied up the bugs and Lauryn was the winner and recipient of today’s first immunity feather necklace.

The hot survivors then voted for which piece of clothing they wanted to see leave off of one of their competitors. From the start, it seemed like the gals were ganging up on Sara Liz, who lost almost everything in the first round. We had another round ready for later in the show…

But! Before we can get to that, we had to engage in a Sexy Skype-enger Hunt between two girls, one from San Antonio, and another from Miami in what we’re lovingly calling The T’N’A Finals. Since the NBA Finals were a bit of a let-down, we let these two throw down via satellite and see which city really has the best skills. Turns out, it’s definitely San Antonio. Go figure.

We took a short break, and then came back with another Tribal Coun… er, uh… Tribal Vote to see some more clothes leave the studio. The competition is really heating up.

We then welcomed in Malcolm Freberg, former contestant on “Survivor,” and currently trying to crowdsource some funds for a new show called Wayfaring, where the audience decides what Malcolm does in each city. He’s a lot more trusting than we are, it seems.


Finally, we had our last challenge: the Hot Lava Obstacle Course. We’ve all played this game at one point in our lives, and we thought, why not make it a little sexier by having our hot models do it? In the end, Lauryn once again came out victorious and took home the title of… Morning Show-vivor. There is no prize, beyond a life-time of bragging rights, that is.


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