Tuesday 6/17/14

It was Colonel Mustard… in the Mini Mansion… with the Playboy Morning Show! Get a clue, here’s the show:

Things kicked off today with a chat about the dire straits facing our nude beaches. Not actual straits, but the metaphorical ones. Anyway, apparently people are following their annual movement to try and shut down the best kind of beach all over the globe, and we’re here to protest, dammit! We broke out a Topless 10 List that featured some battle cries for you to shout if you ever find yourself trying to keep our beaches nude. As per usual, some of them were more thought-provoking than others.

Next, we held our first 24 Secs. segment, in honor of the creators of “24: Live Another Day,” which airs Mondays on FOX. Before they came into the studio, we challenged our hot models with complex tasks that they had to complete before the 24 second timer ran out. Take it from “24”: if you really want to turn up the heat, just turn on a clock.

After that, we talked with another one of our beautiful “Naked Ambition” models, Arielle. You can check out that show right here on Playboy TV on Friday Nights, but you can check Arielle out right here right now.

We took a short break and then welcomed in Evan Katz and Manny Coto, co-creators of the new season of “24,” called “24: Live Another Day.” If you’re anything like Kevin, you’re super stoked to hear that this show lives for another season, and can’t get enough Jack.


Other people out there have their own criticisms to voice online, so we took the opportunity to read some of them to the creators in a segment we call “Constructive Criticism.” It really softens the blow to hear misspelled insults coming from a hot naked chick rather than a random internet nerd.



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