Monday 6/23/14

It’s Monday, but don’t worry, we’ve got just the thing to get you through it: The Playboy Morning Show!

We started the show today with a test of our “Goal” system. We know there’s some soccer games going on during our show, and we want to keep you up-to-date. Our promise to you is to let you know immediately whenever there’s a goal in those games by having girls run in screaming, wrapped in nothing but that country’s flag. We can think of no better honor.

Following that, we checked out a mugshot of a rather attractive man that has been circling around the internet, and we showed you some examples of ways to make your own mugshot sexier. There’s a couple ways you can do hard time.

Next, we brought the local news over our knee for a good ol’ fashioned “Abuse The News.” A bus driver got a beej from a woman on an empty bus, and a local news affiliate picked up the story, but we think that we can do it better. So, Kevin and Andrea gave their best one-liners as we threw to the segment. Maybe we should change our show up a little…

After that, we tried out a new segment called “Horny History,” where Carrie explained to us what went down at the Boston Tea Party, as our other girls acted it out. We’ll be looking at events leading up to Independence Day all this week, so buckle your hats and get ready.


We took a short break, and then played a game called “Guess the Girl,” where we learn an interesting fact about one of our models and then have to guess which one the fact belongs to. Today, we learned that one of our hot models is also a black belt who dabbles in nun-chuks. Bad ass. After much questioning, both Kevin and Andrea guessed wrong! It was revealed that Nasia is a trained fighter, and she showed off her skills for us as the show wound down. Look out for this one, she’ll take you out.

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