Tuesday 7/8/14

Welcome to Tuesday and another Tue-Riffic Morning Show.

We started the show by checking out a story about female inmates that doesn’t involve “Orange is the New Black!” It’s a story where women are boycotting their limited number of prison underwear by staging a naked protest. We had our own Horny Rob on the scene to report to us as the nudity-laden chaos unfolded. Godspeed, Rob.

After that, we checked in with the first of our Sex Tape Do’s and Don’ts that we came back to throughout the show. That “Sex Tape” movie is coming out, and filming yourself getting it on is all the rage, and we’re here to help you keep egg off your face. Unless you’re into that…

Next, it was time to talk via Skype to SEVEN-TIME World Champion competitive eater Joey Chestnut, who is fresh off his victory over a heaping mound of fish tacos. It’s a feat he completed after proposing to his girlfriend, no less. This guy is the real deal, and Kevin wants to be his manager. We’re sure they’ll be in touch.

After a short break and another Sex Tape Do and Don’t, we played “Truth of Bare” with our ladies in studio. It’s a special break-up themed game today, in honor of the man who was broken up with by BOTH his girlfriends via a sign over the freeway. When your girl and your girl on the side get together you know it can only end poorly, but we can’t really feel too sorry for him. Anyway, our sexy ladies did their best to trick Kevin and Andrea into thinking each story was theirs, and clothing was on the line. Then, luckily for us, it was on the floor.


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