Thursday 7/10/14

Thirsty Thursday is here! Let’s get to the show…

We began the show today, as so many Thursdays before, by talking with Mr. Skin! In his usual style, he brought us the best naked actors from around Hollywood, and was even nice enough to play a little Pun on Pun with Kevin. He’s a gentleman AND a scholar.

After that, we ran through our Feastiality segment, featuring our hot models describing four of the best State Fair foods from around the country. We haven’t met a deep-fried, on-a-stick food yet that we haven’t liked.

Andrew Zimmern joined us next via Skype (and in some stylish bunny ears) to talk to us about bizarre foods and how the weird has bled into the mainstream. He also dropped some truth-bombs on our ladies as they prepared to make their own fashion statements out of foodstuffs.

We took a short break and then welcomed in Jason Quinn, winner of Season 2 of Food Network’s “Food Truck Wars.” He’s also got a restaurant called Playground where the menu changes every day! If you’re ever in Santa Ana, you’ve gotta check it out.


But Jason only makes up half of our celebrity guest judges, the second is none other than Major League Eating star Mary Bowers. She just came off a great showing at the world-famous Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, and she has a food-clothes calendar (that you can get on her website), so we thought she’d be perfect to help us judge…


Meals on Heels! It’s a food fashion spectacular, and our hot models, Sara, Carly, Chelsie, and Lauryn showed off their duds. In the end, Lauryn’s hot pepper hot pants took the cake. The taste-test will have to wait until after the show.


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