Monday 7/14/14

It’s another week and we’ve got another show! Let’s go to work.

We began the show today by looking at Kevin’s picture of the Super Moon over the weekend… which turned out to be a tiriple moon. That really is super.

After that, we took a look at some of the World Cup fans we missed from the game yesterday. Our cameras panned the crowd and found a girl who misspelled goal, a flag jumper, and two sad Argentina fans who made the best of a bad situation. See you in four years, soccer!

We then kicked off our Playboy Poll, asking you, our loyal audience, to tell us where the best place to have sex outside is: the pool, camping, the beach, or ALL OF THE ABOVE. It’s  choose-your-own-adventure democracy in action.

Next, we welcomed in Dr. Lauren Streicher, a gynecologist who we’ve had on the show before, to promote the Intensity sexual device. Andrea got one last time she was in, and we got to hear just how things have changed… “grip”-wise. She can’t crush a beer can quite yet, but practice makes perfect.


We came back from break and brought in actor Adam Korson, from the CW show “Seed,” about a guy who unknowingly fathers a brood of children due to his sperm donations. We decided to honor our guest by playing a special “man-seed” edition of “Name That Alleged Perv.” Things got a little sticky.

Lastly, the results of our Playboy Poll are in! Camping won out with 50% of the total vote, and the pool surprisingly didn’t get a single vote. Must be all the chemicals.

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