Tuesday 7/15/14

It’s Tuesday and we’re ready to get it started. So let’s. Do that. Start it up.

Things got crazy quickly, as more HiddenCash is out there in the world, more HiddenAss is around our studio and green room. There could be some HiddenAss around you right now and you might not even know it! Sometimes it’s right under your pants.

We also learned that not only are apples good for your health, they’re good if you like to keep it wet down below… According to a new study, women who eat more apples have a better “lubrication” procedure. Now that’s what we call fresh-squeezed apple juice. Anyway, we sent out our man-on-the-street Horny Rob to an apple orchard to investigate first-hand. Things quickly devolved, but we can’t blame Rob, those are some saucy apples.

After that, we welcomed in Bert Kreisher, comedian and author of the new book “Life of the Party: Stories of a Perpetual Man-Child.” It’s out now, and you should definitely check it out, as it’s chock-full of crazy stories. You can find out for yourself why he’s called “The Machine”…


We took a short break and then came back with a mystery guest for Bert, Kevin, and Andrea to guess. They blindfolded up and then asked questions, eventually with Kevin hitting the nail right on the head (trust us, we’re as shocked as you are): It’s Farrah Abraham, of “Teen Mom” fame. She’s ALSO got a book out called “Sex Tape: In The Making,” so her and Bert had a lot in common after all.


BUT! How much in common? We decided to check with a little game called “Teen or Machine,” where our hot models tried to see if they could pin the fact to the right guest. It was actually pretty easy.


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