Thursday 7/17/14

Happy Thirsty Thursday, folks. As we wind down the end of another week, we rev up our plans for the weekend. It’s the circle of life.

We started the show off today by talking with Mr. Skin, who had among his usual naked and famous fare, also shared a scene from “True Blood,” where a guest on our show got topless. Stay tuned…

After that, we read through some of our Fe-Mails from viewers such as yourselves. If you ever need help convincing your partner to masturbate, you’ve come to the right inbox.

Next, we talked with Abre, another one of our models who is featured on Playboy TV’s own “Naked Ambition.” She talked about how she got seduced by a couple, and what led to her helping them out in bed (hint: it was booze).

We took a short break and then we ran through our Topless 10 List, featuring Vampire Pick-Up lines that would even give Dracula some wood.

After that, we welcomed in Bailey Noble, one of the stars of HBO’s “True Blood,” whom Mr. Skin mentioned before. She talked about the final season wrapping up, and about what would happen if she spilled the beans about what goes down (something with lawyers, which are kind of like vampires when you think about it).


Finally, we finished up with some Raw Data. Our ladies took to their note cards to guess the percentages from various sexual stats around the world. Every wrong answer means a spin on the Wheel of Percentages, which dictates how much clothing they would lose. Hey, how much is 12.5% of a bra, anyway?

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