Monday 7/21/14

Welcome to another fresh, lemon-scented week of Playboy Morning Shows!

We kicked this week off by checking in with some Playboy covers from around the globe, in our international “Spot the Bunny” game. It turns out, having the words be in another language actually makes the bunny logo pop out more, for some reason. Or maybe they just don’t try as hard in Eastern Europe…

After that, we dusted off the good ol’ Gratuitous Nudity button for some random nakedness. Today saw our girls filling out some paperwork, which turned out to just be coloring paper. We try to keep it professional here, but it’s a losing battle.

Next, we welcomed in comedy/music madman, “Weird Al” Yankovic! His new album, “Mandatory Fun,” is out now, and you should definitely check it out, there’s some really great parodies and originals on that thing. We’re lucky enough to have him on the same day he’s wrapping up his 8-music-video-in-8-days internet takeover, so we got to ask him what it’s like to finally have them all out in the ether.


We only play “Song TITles” with musicians that have a wide-spanning discography and storied career… so naturally, we had to play with Al! Lindsey and Lauryn went head-to-head and tried to get Al to guess his own song titles as they acted them out. It’s tough to do charades for regular songs… but for parodies? Now that’s a tall order. Our girls still did a pretty good job, though.

After a short break, we had our lovely Greek Translator Tatiana come in to read us an excerpt from a Greek Playboy that featured a picture of Kevin and Andrea. What could the blurb possibly say? Is our show big in Greece? Turns out it had nothing to do with the show, and didn’t even mention Kevin or Andrea by name. Go figure.

Finally, we beguiled “Weird” Al with a Foil Fashion Show in honor of his “Royals” parody, lovingly called “Foil.” In the end, he decided he like the outfit with the conic helmet the best, and Lauryn now has bragging rights for life.

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