Tuesday 7/22/14

It’s another Booby Tuesday here in the MIni Mansion, so let’s check it out.

Today we began by checking out a story about a husband who wrote up a spreadsheet that outlined all the times his wife refused him sex, and her excuse. There were the old staples (headaches, tiredness) and some new ones (just got back from the gym, “Friends” is on). We decided to ask our Hot Girl Focus Group about their own Sex-cuses and what they thought of this woman’s reasons for shutting her man down. Note that the opinions of hot girls reflected in this segment do not necessarily reflect the views of the Playboy Morning Show, but they probably do.

Next, we talked on the phone with Garyn Angel, founder of Magical Butter, a device about the size of a french press that you can use to make cannabis-inspired butters and even sexual weed creams. Just don’t mix up the two.Then again…

After a short break, we welcomed in rapper and star of the MTV2 show “Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family,” Mac Miller himself. Mac talked about his show returning for a second season, and we even were kind enough to read him some of the criticisms that Youtubers made about the last season.


Finally, we brought in our ladies to play a quick game of Last Nipple Standing, where they froze their poor boobs in the name of competition. The girl whose nipple got the most rock-hard and stayed that way would win, but when you play such a game of kings, everyone wins.

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