Wednesday 7/23/14

Everybody do the Hump-Day-Hump! It’s the Playboy Morning Show.

We got things going this morning by chatting with not one, but TWO brand-new Playboy Models in our Hot Model Adoption. Margaret and Stephanie beguiled us as they regaled some tales of their past, and their sexual hopes for the future. We even got them to do an impromptu photo-shoot session with us, free of charge.


After that, we brought in Amber and Sara and talked to all four girls about Comic Con, which starts this week down in San Diego. It’s not just for nerds anymore, as more and more hot girls are getting their cosplay on, so we decided to have these ladies come up with their very own superhero using the mountain of props and costumes that we have here at our disposal. We’re super stoked to see what they come up with…

While the ladies were getting dressed up, we welcomed in Omari Hardwick, star of the Starz show “Power,” which is executive produced by 50 Cent. We talked to Omari about doing fake drugs on TV and how he approached Fiddy about his terrible first pitch. Andrea even stepped up to the plate and threw a nice fastball (or, fast apple) right at Omari’s head! Good thing he’s got all that football training, that could’ve done some damage.


We took a short break and then came back to play Creepy or Horny, which is just what it sounds like. Today’s subject was a Japanese man who likes to dress up like an anime schoolgirl. You be the judge.

Finally, it was time to reveal the superheroines! We saw the whole gamut of powers, costumes, and sweet fighting moves, but the real test… was one of the mind. That’s right, it’s a super special edition of Know It or Show It, the world’s longest-running naked game show. After a thorough test of all things comics, we found out that these ladies don’t really have what it takes to beat the nerds at their own game. Maybe next year, girls.

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