Tuesday 7/29/14

The thing about the human body is… everybody’s got at least one. It’s a very special Playboy Morning Show – Body Edition.

We got the blood pumping early on with a little help from derriere extraordinaire, Drew. She’s queen of the butt-selfies (or, “shelfies”), and she gave us some helpful tips, tricks, and twists that you can do to make your backside your best side.

After that, we went deeper… and maybe got under some people’s skin. That’s right, we’re using the magical power of x-ray technology to make fun of people who got things stuck inside of them in a segment we call “XXX-ray.” Our girls guessed what exactly the object in question was, and what it was possibly doing jammed inside someone. The only thing more embarrassing than losing the remote is finding it in your rectum.

Next, we chatted via Skype with Marisa Paska, of YogaBodyRio and their “Seven Sexy Chakras” retreat, a yoga retreat that takes place in Brazil and focuses on getting in tune with your body and its own sexiness. We can get behind that, especially if they’re in downward dog. Marisa even led our ladies through some poses, even though she’s all the way in South America. We officially live in the future, and it is glorious.


After a short break, we kept the body ball rolling by talking with Alex Wong, who’s started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the “World’s Biggest Dick Drawing.” Every dollar gives the drawing one more inch, and he’s already over 400% of his initial $100 goal. That’s a 36-foot-long dick… and growing.

In honor of Alex’s noble quest, we played a quick round of “Dicktionary,” a spin on our classic girl-on-girl art class “Chicktionary,” only featuring clues that all have something to do with dicks. We only got through one clue, but maybe that was for the best…


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