Wednesday 7/30/14

Smack dab in the middle of the week, and we’re dab-smacking like it’s our job. What’s that mean exactly? We’re not sure, but it sounds dirty, so we just went with it.

We started the show again with something that may give you deja vu… Kevin has once again entered the Lay’s flavor-creator contest, and once again claims his idea was stolen by some other person! Two years in a row is a hefty accusation, and while our lawyers are drawing up the paperwork, we looked at a Topless 10 “Laid” sexy chip flavors. We wouldn’t mind getting our hands a little dirty in these bags.

After that, we featured Jessica in our Hot Model Adoption. Instead of writing about it, we’re just gonna imagine that Sarah McLachlan song is playing in the background. We suggest you do the same.


Next, it was time to get all historical up in here, with “This Day In History.” Only 12 short years ago, we witnessed the first woman to dunk in a professional basketball game. To celebrate her achievement, our hot models showed off their moves, and then did it again in super slow-mo. We need to utilize our replay technology a lot more.

We took a short break, and then broke into the Wheel of Fantasy. We gave you two for the price of one today, watching a hot cop pat-down and a nurse check-up back-to-back. Normally those two things would be horrible to have right after each other, but for some reason we don’t really mind it this time.

Finally, we welcomed in Simon, a real-life tow truck driver who helped us judge a “don’t tow my car, mister!” strip-tease contest, inspired by the true events of a Russian stripper. We don’t speak Russian, but it sounds like she offered him a jack for his tow.

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