Monday 8/4/14

Bienvenidos to another muy bien week of Playboy Morning Shows. Viva Nudity!

We got things going this particular morning by checking out some peaches in China that are getting their own tiny panties to wear, in celebration of Chinese Valentine’s Day. It’s one of those rare instances where covering up something mundane actually makes it sexier. 

After that, we looked at the Emergency Bra, a regular bra that can, in case of nuclear meltdown, can be converted into a gas mask/radiation detector. Pretty nifty, especially if you live next to a power plant. We brought our models in and talked to them about their natural disaster experiences and what their fears are. That also happens to be a great line of questioning for a first date.


We sent our girls away to build their own bras for different emergency situations, and welcomed in Danielle Greene, a regular here on the show who has an episode of “Naked Ambition” coming up. You can check that out Fridays right here on PlayboyTV. You don’t even have to change the channel or anything.

We took a short break and then welcomed in Kevin Zegers, the star of the FOX show “Gracepoint,” which premieres in October. We also couldn’t not talk about Kevin’s experience filming the “Air Bud” series of movies, and the other animal-related flicks that came along with it. 


Following that, our models came back in to show off their prototype emergency situation bras. We saw the Grappling Hook Bra, The Camel-Front water bottle bra, and the Illumi-bra, which allows you to see at night. All great ideas with practical applications. Send the blueprints away and get those puppies on the assembly line.

After the show, we played some Lie Detector Breast with our girls, Kevin Zegers, and (our favorite) Polygraph John. Check that out tomorrow!


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