Tuesday 8/5/14

It’s another Tip-Top, Titular Tuesday morning here in the Mini Mansion, and we’re ready to prove it.

We started the festivities today with a one-woman Howe To. Only Melissa is in today, and she’s got a shot to prove that she’s the brains behind the Twins. We gave her the chance to teach us about Rock, Paper, Scissors, and later, how to calculate a tip. The jury’s still out, but maybe we’ll hear from Carla before we let one of them be crowned the champion…

After that, we played a new game we’re calling Dick Pics. We checked out some pictures from around the world, of things that look slightly like male genitalia, and had our girls do their best to caption them, right off the top of their heads. The models’ heads, not the dicks’.

Next, we threw to a segment we recorded after yesterday’s show that featured Polygraph John and Kevin Zegers called Lie Detector Breast, where our models were put in the hot seat and had to answer questions from interrogators Kevin and Andrea. If only these things were allowed on first dates, it’d save us all a lot of time.

We took a short break and then welcomed in Mike Stud, rapper and Youtube sensation whose new album “Closer” dropped last month. Mike used to have aspirations to be a baseball star, but those were swept away when he had Tommy John’s Surgery.


We wanted him to live his fantasy, and we let him pitch to our girls and then watch them hook up with each other; the further the ball goes, the further they go. It’s a nice visualization to an old-school metaphor, which is our real end goal here on the Morning Show.


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