Wednesday 8/6/14

Welcome to Wednesday, loyal viewers! The Playboy Morning Show had a great line-up for you today, so let’s get down like Charlie Brown.

We started the show today with a little contest for you out there in TV land… A simple staring contest, with a twist: your opponent is a pair of breasts. Think you’re up to the task of staring at boobs for as long as they can stare at you? Only one way to find out. Also, our lawyers ask that we tell you not to sit so close to the TV that you give yourself laser eye surgery.

After that, we went to the first of a few Nip Tips that we had in store. This nip-tacular facts all centered around the center of the boob (and, on guys, too, I guess…). We hope that you learned something and didn’t think that this was just another staring contest.

There’s a trend that’s popping up in wedding photos around the world: bridesmaid parties getting a little cheeky… by flashing their butts. In a segment we’re calling Wedding Flashers, our models came in and demonstrated the different types of group photos you can stage, and even one that catches the bride off guard. Do that one at your own risk.

We took a short break and then welcomed in John Lehr, from the Hulu show “Quick Draw,” which is hilarious and you should definitely check out. John’s been on with us before, but that was back before we were on TV, so if you were wondering what he looked like all those years ago… now you know.


While we had John in studio, we played a group of games called Quickie Draw, which featured a quick body-paint drawing, quick drawers changing, and a wet t-shirt duel. All in all, it seemed like the winner of this Wild West shoot-out was John, even though he was caught in the crossfire. We should all be so lucky.

girls johngirls after

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