Thursday 8/7/14

It’s our favorite day of the week in the Mini Mansion: Thirsty Thursday. It’s just like every other day of the week, except more alliterative.

The show got goin’ this mornin’ with a talk about our dear Andrea’s health. She’s gonna try to tough it out through her stomach pains, and we know she’s done it before. At least this one doesn’t involve the police.

We then talked with our ol’ buddy Mr. Skin, who showed us all things celebrity nudity, including the ever-popular Skin shows “Californication,” and “Masters of Sex.” Those are two of those rare shows that seem to do most of the leg work for us… maybe it should be called “skin work.”

Next, we brought in Charles Baker, best known as ‘Skinny Pete’ from the show “Breaking Bad,” who is promoting his new show “Murder in the First” on TNT. Charles plays shady characters very well, but we wanted to see how good he is at recognizing naughty behavior. So, we brought in our models for a little game we call Innocent Until Proven Filthy, where we hear real stories from one of these girls and try to pin it on the guilty one. Just think of it as a sexier “Usual Suspects.”


We took a short break and then came back with Erika filling in for an ailing Andrea.

Then, it was time to bring in Riff Raff, rapper extraordinaire, to talk about his new album “NEON iCON.” He may not look it, but he’s a hard-working dude and knows talent when he sees it, which is why we brought in our models-turned-aspiring-rappers to drop some fresh beats. The game’s called Doggy Freestyle, because the rhymes have to be spun from doggy style. Riff was even kind enough to give the girls some brand-new rapper names. They done changed the game.


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