Thursday 8/21/14

It’s not your ordinary Thursday here in the Mini Mansion, but what’s normal for Playboy anyway?

We got things started this morning by chatting with Mr. Skin, and checking out some fresh and famous nakedness from the new “Sin City” movie, among others. We gotta say, that comic book style really lends itself to curves.

After that, we welcomed in David, Michael, and “Mema” from the REELZ show “Hollywood Hillbillies.” These Georgia natives are doing their best to etch out a little piece of Manifest Destiny, while maintaining their Southern charm, of course. Good luck, ya’ll.


Since this family joined us today, we decided to play a little Playboy Feud, pitting them against our models. It’s a lot more civil than a typical feud for a Southern family, but the Hillbillies still came out on top, proving that knowledge really is subjective.

We took a short break and then welcomed in Nat Faxon, star of the show “Married” which is on FX. We talked to him about the show, and also about what it’s like to have his very own Oscar (which he won for co-writing “The Descendants”). We’ll get one soon enough, I just know it.

Finally, we wrapped up our Playboy Bootie Pageant, welcoming back our three winners: Drew, Danielle, and Tiana. Today, these well-rounded ladies would have to prove that they’ve got the backsides of champions by completing a bootie-centered yoga move, butt trivia, and an American Glute-iators obstacle course. The most impressive thing is that we thought of so many words for ass. After the dust had settled, it was a three-way tie! We had to tally up the votes and Nat gave his opinion as well, which ended up netting Drew the coveted title of Miss U-Ass-A. It’s a glorious day for America indeed.


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