Monday 8/25/14

It’s a brand new week of Morning Shows, and we’ve got a brand new guest host for the week, Mr. Jimmy Pardo. Let’s make him feel at home, shall we?

The show got going this morning as Jimmy and Andrea chatted about fake orgasms and whether or not men are able to. It definitely requires some creativity and quick thinking, and we here at Playboy don’t advise doing it. Always go for the real deal.

It’s back to school time around the country, and the Mini Mansion is no exception. We are going to brush up on some subjects this week, starting with Geography today! Margaret and Veronica came in and got quizzed on America’s states in a segment called 2 Girls 1 Map. 


After that, we welcomed in comedian Heather McDonald whose very first stand-up special “I Don’t Mean to Brag…” premieres this Friday on Showtime. We know she’s funny, but we wanted to see if she could transfer some of her comedy style to our girls in a segment we call Can a Bunny Make a Funny?


After the break, our girls came back in with their jokes all ready to go. Let’s just say two minutes is definitely not long enough for a comedy crash course.

Finally, as Jeezy could not be with us this morning, we played some Song Tit-les in his honor, albeit with well-known tunes rather than his own. Spice up charades at your next 1950’s-style tupperware party with this one simple trick: lose the clothes!


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