Tuesday 8/26/14

Love is in the air here in the Mini Mansion. Or maybe we need to get our carbon monoxide detectors checked…

We began things this fine morning by welcoming in Brandon Alinger, COO of Prop Store, which collects props from well-known movies. The good news is, they have an auction coming up so if you’ve always wanted to own Rocky’s gloves or Wonka’s Golden Ticket, now’s your chance!

brandon prop

While Brandon was with us, we wanted to see if our models’ knowledge of films were as substantial as his own, so we played a little game called Non-Motion Pictures. We showed three pictures of famous props in movies and then had our hot ladies guess. We gotta say, they proved just as adept as any cine-phile we know. Or maybe they were just super obvious.

After that, we had another Back to School segment, today focusing on beer games. It’s an important part of any college’s curriculum and to demonstrate, we had our gals play some Rear Pong. This also happens to be a good substitute if you don’t have any beer, but have a lot of sorority chicks hanging around.


We took a short break and then brought in Scott Aukerman of “Comedy Bang! Bang!” which airs on IFC starting again on October 17th. Scott’s a funny guy, but he also happens to be a director (he even got to direct President Obama), and we wanted to see if he could give our girls some helpful tips as they tried their hand at famous movie scenes in a game we call Nip Flix. They must have been taking lessons, because they blew us away with their skills. No casting couch necessary.


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