Wednesday 8/27/14

It’s the middle of the week and we’ve officially got Hump-mania. The only known cure is the Playboy Morning Show.

It got going early on today, as we started out by talking about “The Surreal Life” and that time our guest host Jimmy and Andrea were brought together by the magic of reality TV. It’s a small, surreal world.

Next, we ran through Jimmy’s Random Rolodex, and for those of you born after the technological boom, that means Jimmy’s Random Contact List. We called a couple of his friends, like Pat… and Steve… and Jon. It turns out that Jon means Jon Hamm. Like “Mad Men” Jon Hamm. What a coincidence! Lucky us. We got to talk to Jon about his recent Emmy’s experience and the final half of the last season of “Mad Men,” which wraps up next spring. Get ready.

After that, it was time to continue our Back To School preparedness, today going back in time with Horny History. Our hot ‘n horny teacher Destiny ran through three great events in American History, with some slight enhancements, of course.

We took a short break and then welcomed in Ben Gleib, host of the new Game Show Network show “Idiotest,” where contestants have to solve complex brain teasers rather than trivia, and face the sharp wit of Ben should they not appear up to the task. It’s an all-new kind of game show, and we’re glad the visual learners are finally getting a turn.


Ben’s been on the show numerous times and we wanted to give him the best chance to have something fun to watch while he was here today, so we brought out the Wheel of Fantasy for Wheel Wednesday! After much spinning, Ben finally took matters into his own hands and turned the wheel to Lesbian Three-way. Our ladies assumed the position(s) and another show bit the dust. It’s the circle of life.

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