Thursday 8/28/14

It’s a Thursday Titty-tacular here in the Mini Mansion. Dust off your eyeballs and take a gander.

We kicked off things today with a phone call from Mr. Skin, who has just released the top 3 nude scenes of all time, in honor of his 15 years doing what he (and the world) loves. Coming in at the top of the heap was Scar-Jo in the movie “Under the Skin.” It’s a rather recent pick, but we find it very hard to disagree with him.

After that, we wrapped up our Back to School week with another fine lesson from some fine teachers. Today’s subject was foreign languages in a segment we call Strange Tongues. We learned some Spanish and French phrases so if you ever find yourself in need of baguettes or spicy salsa, you’ll know what to say. You can never be too prepared while abroad.


Next, we welcomed in Rich Sommer from TV’s “Mad Men.” Rich chatted about the show, and his first time (of many) at the Playboy Mansion, when Ron Jeremy reached over him to feel some boobs. What an honor!


While Rich was here, we would be remiss not to play some Ass-vertisers with him, where we see a logo or slogan and then have to guess the brand, with clothing on the line. Even Rich had to lose clothes at one point, taking off a shoe. Pretty scandalous if you ask me.

We took a short break and then welcomed in Chris Moore and Shane Dawson from the new STARZ show “The Chair.” Shane is one of two directors, under the supervision of Chris, who will be tackling the same script and trying to make it their own. They know they way around a set, so we figured we’d let our girls throw some film ideas out at them in a game called Boobie Pitches. These things may be in development hell for a while…


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