Monday 9/8/14

We’re back! And we’ve got a killer show lined up to help ease you into the week.

We started the show by welcoming our guest host for the week, Mr. Eddie Ifft. Eddie’s got a podcast called “Talkin’ Shit,” which is great because we like to think of our show as “Talk ‘n Tits,” which is pretty close.

Things got underway quickly, as we moved into a segment called Fun Bags, where our girls brought in some trash bags and tried to guess the occupation of the person that the trash belongs to. Your garbageman knows more about you than you think, so don’t forget to throw them a curve-ball every once in a while.

After that, we welcomed in writer Peter Mehlman, whose work you definitely know: he was a writer on “Seinfeld” for many years and is attributed with coining such phrases as “yada yada yada” and “double-dipping.” And yes, those words are now in the dictionary in case you were wondering. His new fiction book “It Won’t Always Be This Great,” is out now, and you should definitely check it out. 


Since Peter knows comedy so well, we thought we’d let him guide our models Carrie, Destiny, and Melissa through a few improvised scenarios. It’s tough work, but we can tell he’s the man for the job.

After a short break, we came back to get to know our guest host a little bit better. We had our girls come in and ask him “What Ifft” questions to see exactly who Eddie is. You can find out a lot about a man by asking him pointless questions, but it helps if you’re a hot chick.

Next, we ran through another Howe To with our singular Howe twin Melissa. She gave us the low-down on how to “give a blowjob,” featuring alcohol and whipped cream. We’re guessing that she’s never heard of the shot.

Finally, it was time for a little taste of Skin to Win. All of our models were back in studio to show their knowledge… and their bodies. It’s nice to know that though some things may be over their heads, they’ve got nice bodies to fall back on.


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