Wednesday 9/10/14

Smack dab in the middle of the work week, it’s another Playboy Morning Show! Don’t tell your boss…

We started today by talking about yesterday, wherein we asked our hosts and models to tweet out some ridiculous tweets and see who tweeted back. If you don’t understand what Twitter is, that last sentence made zero sense. We took a quick look at some of the best responses to those crazy tweets, which proved more than anything that people are getting harder and harder to shock these days.

Next, we welcomed in Katie and Priscilla, two brand-new-to-our-show models and got to know them a little bit better in a segment we call Hot Model Adoption. If you know of a good home that these girls could go to, please let us know.

After that, we wanted to test our guest host Eddie’s resolve, by playing some Constructive Criticism with him. Our girls read meaner and meaner tweets and comments to him, as they got nuder and nuder. If all judges were this hot and naked, our last prison sentence wouldn’t have stung so bad.

We took a short break and then welcomed in comedian Lachlan Patterson, finalist on the most recent season of “Last Comic Standing,” and as “mannequin”-esque as Keenan Ivory Wayans claimed. He’s a handsome man, is what we’re saying. While Lachlan was with us, we played a game called Named That Bit. It’s not an anatomy lesson, our girls came in and did their best impression of famous stand-up comedians by doing some of their jokes. We wanted to see if they’d be as recognizable in the hands of some hot ladies, and it turns out they definitely are; either that, or these girls should get to an open mic, ASAP.


Finally, we rounded out the show by playing some Wheel of Fantasy. That’s right, it’s everybody’s favorite wheel-themed game we play here, and today we saw two fantasies in the form of Teacher/Students and a Bikini Car Wash. Learning and cleaning never felt so good.

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